Daphne genkwa 'Hackenberry Group'

Scentless flowers bloom in long wands before the silky green leaves emerge in mid-late spring. More compact than the species, this group of daphne thrive on ample sun and heat and are a great addition to rock gardens.

Height: 3 ft.
Width: 3 ft.
Water: Average Water Needs
Blooms: Spring
Exposure: Full to Partial Sun
Hardiness: Zone 5

  Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata'

Known for the rosy pink flowers with a wonderful scent. A moderate growing evergreen shrub. An excellent selection for the foundation planting.
Height: 3-4 ft.
Width: 3-4 ft.
Water: Water regularly until well established
Blooms: April-May
Exposure: Partial shade
Hardiness: Zone 7

Daphne X houtteana

Deep purple-black foliage sets this variety apart. Lightly scented purple flowers in late spring. Give full sun for best color. Semi-evergreen.
Height: 3 ft.
Width: 3 ft.
Water: Moist, but well-drained soil
Blooms: Mid-Spring
Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness: Zone 6

Daphne X transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance'

Non-stop blooms from April to October makes Daphne x transatlantica 'Eternal Fragrance' unbeatable for flowers and fragrance. This unusual semi-evergreen Daphne flowers on new growth, so they just keep coming! With a compact growth habit and deliciously sweet fragrance, this elegant shrub is perfect for planting in containers close to a doorway, where you will fully appreciate the fabulous heady fragrance as you pass.

Height: 2-3 ft.
Width: 2-3 ft.
Water: Regularly Until Established
Blooms: April-October
Exposure: Partial Shade to Sun
Hardiness: Zone 5

Daphne X transatlantica 'Summer Ice'

aller than Eternal Fragrance, this variegated charmer also lends a fragrant presence to your garden all through summer. Blush white blooms start in spring nestled in grey green foliage with a creamy edge. As with all Daphnes, good drainage is key. Retains a nice rounded habit into maturity.

Height: 3 ft.
Width: 3 ft.
Water: Well-drained, moist soil
Blooms: Late Spring through Fall
Exposure: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Hardiness: Zone 6