Gardenia jasminoides ‘Kleim’s Hardy’

The hardiest of the Gardenias in a versatile, dwarf size. Great in containers, raised beds and in the foreground of borders. Flowers are star-like with five petals. Evergreen.

Height: 2-3 ft.
Width: 2-3 ft.
Water: Regular weekly watering, or more often in heat
Blooms: Late Spring to Summer
Exposure: Full to Partial Sun
Hardiness: Zone 7

Gardenia jasminoides 'Summer Snow®'

Hybrid Gardenia hand selected by Buds & Blooms Nursery. With over 10 years of development and test studies, Summer Snow® was grown to be a sturdy breed of Gardenia with a greater resistance to cold climates. Bears beautiful, pure white, waxy, double flowers. The flower has a heady, sweet fragrance, which permeates the surrounding air.
Height: 4 to 5 feet
Width: 4 to 5 feet
Water: Keep moist until established. Then water deeply and less frequently as needed during growing season.
Blooms: Double pure white flowers from May through June
Exposure: Partial Sun to Full Shade
Hardiness: Zone 6