minimum of 5 plants of each variety for delivery or pre-order.

picking fee will be assessed and applied to orders that do not comply with our 5 plant minimum. Clients will be notified prior to their order being processed. 

 All sales are C.O.D. unless prior credit has been established.

 We accept cash, cheque, Amex, MasterCard and Visa for payment at time of purchase or within 7 days after. After 7 days, a 2.5% credit card surcharge will be added.

 Credit terms are net 30-days from date of invoice:

    - A 1% per month service charge will be assessed on all past due balances.

    - For all orders totaling less than $2,000.00, payment is due on receipt


We appreciate spring bookings. Orders will be confirmed from October 15th onwards.

All spring bookings require a 30%  deposit.

All spring orders must be shipped by April 15th.

We do not guarantee bloom time for pre-booked product.


 We reserve the right to pro-rate items among several customers rather than reserving them exclusively for any one customer.

 Orders are booked subject to crop conditions and with the understanding that stock may be unavailable due to causes beyond our control.

 All plants are guaranteed to be true to name and in good condition upon leaving the nursery.

 Blooming times cannot be guaranteed. Plants may be out of bloom by delivery date.


Cancelled or not collected orders will be charged accordingly:

   -Prior to order being pulled, no penalty

   -After order is pulled, a 10% restocking charge will apply


Claims for shortages and damaged plants must be made promptly on arrival of stock.

Authorized personnel must sign for receipt of plants and make return decisions at that point in time.

If you do not receive an invoice with your delivery, please advise immediately so that we can re-send.

Requests for credits after the 10 day period will be issued at our discretion.


A delivery fee of $75.00 will be charged for orders within a 50 km radius. If a return to pick up carts is required, an additional $50.00 fee will be charged.

Shipping charges to Nanaimo & Victoria on Vancouver Island will be charged 10% of invoice.  Shipping charges to North Vancouver Island will be charged 12% of invoice.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to our Fresh Sheet for current pricing.